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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. *MOST* simple Christmas music is boring!! Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing “wrong” with playing a simple melody. But even the most inexperienced of players appreciate a beautiful little prelude, interlude, or coda when they sit down to play their favorite Christmas tunes. This arrangement of the classic “Away in a Manger” gets the job done.

Oblique motion creates some fascinating harmonies within the first few notes of the introduction, and also provides the chance to speak about the different types of motion (contrary, parallel, oblique), and pedal tones. Use of the damper pedal is optional at this point. Circled finger numbers are to notify the student that a position shift has occurred (standard practice at this level of musicianship).

To download this score, hit the download button below or just click on the image.

Merry music-making AND merry Christmas, my friends! (for more Christmas scores, check out the Christmas category here)

xoxo, Hannah

PS: is there a Christmas tune you’d love to see arranged? Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram page!

To view this score on MuseScore or listen to the midi file:

Away In A Manger by Hannah Acheson

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